Tuesday, October 9, 2007

a trip to an anarchist sauna

Yesterday I went with two of my friends to a sauna that is run by anarchists here in Amsterdam. The facility was about a half hour bike ride from my dorm (actually it's just around the corner from Yitka's house). I agreed to go to this place knowing in the back of my mind that this would probably mean a bit of nudity, and although I wasn't completely sure that I would be comfortable in the situation I was getting myself into, I decided that it would be stupid to allow my slight discomfort to stop me from enjoying this wonderful place. After all, I'm naked all the time at Onas, the only real difference with this place was that I didn't really know anyone there, except the two friends I went with. Despite my slight discomfort, I made myself go, and I am extremely glad that I did so, I plan on going back at least a few more times before the semester is through.

At 6pm after my Dutch class ended, my friends Jenna, and Natalie, and I hopped on our bikes and headed over to the sauna. We got there and upon entering were given a locker in which we could put all of our belongings for the time that we were there. We quickly stripped down into towels (which were soon removed) and started to venture into the various rooms that the sauna had to offer. There was a steam room in which I sweated more than I think I've ever sweat in my entire life. A sauna, that was probably the hottest sauna I've ever been in in my life. An outside area with a cold shower, which felt really amazing if you went in right after coming out of the hot sauna. There was also a freezing cold bath (which also felt amazing after coming out of the steam room), and then the upstairs was lined with mats for people to go lie down on and relax between sauana/steam room/cold bath-shower trips.

I stayed at the place for about two hours getting my fill of everything they had to offer, and it was extremely relaxing. It also made my skin feel incredibly smooth, and it still does. Apparently sometimes they have a massuese there, so I definitely want to go back at a time when I can get a massage. It was definitely an awesome experience and I'm really glad that I made myself go, despite my initial discomfort.

Well, that's all for now, hope all is well with everyone reading.



Mom said...

what's the anarchy part about it?

Ruth said...

just that its run by anarchists

mzanni said...

you should take me there when I come to visit you. crap, I need to get that stuff figured out. is it ok if I come around november 3rd?