Tuesday, September 11, 2007

time for an update

Hello again!

I have been told by someone, I won't name names, that its been too long since my last update, and that I'm due. So, now I have a little bit of free time, and since I dont have class tomorrow, plenty of time to procrastinate, so why not update? Since my last update on Saturday I cant report all that much that has happened. On Saturday night I decided to stay in because I realized that out of the 9 days I had at that point been in Amsterdam, I had gone out in some form or another on all but 2 of those evenings. So, instead, on Saturday night I went over to the abode of my friends Alanna and Kellan and Alanna cooked an awesome meal for us. I stayed there for a while, but then decided to call it a night... As I said, not too much to report, which is probably why I havent been doing so. On Sunday I spent the day doing homework and laundry. Doing laundry was a fun experience... but not really. There are 3 washing machines and 2 dryers in my building that houses about 40-50 students. It wouldnt be terrible, except the washing machine cycle is literally 2 hours long, and so after bringing my first load down at around 2pm, waiting for a machine to open up, and drying, the entire process finally ended at around 10pm when my laundry was finally all done. It definitely is an all day affair, luckily my only plans for the day were laundry and homework, so it worked out well.

On Sunday nights the RA's in my dorm show a weekly movie. This week they were showing a Dutch film called Blackbook, which is about Amsterdam during WWII. It was extremely sad, but a really good film, and I highly recommend it for anyone who hasnt seen it. After the movie, my friend Alisha (who lives one floor below me) and I were both feeling a little sick with a cold so we decided to have tea time together, which was really fun.

Monday I went to class and then to dinner over at Alanna and Kellan's again, also with Alisha, and today I did the same thing, class and dinner down the street at Alanna and Kellan's. Tonight we're heading out to attend a Drag Bingo event at a gay bar in the Red Light District, so I'm sure I'll write about that in my next post.

I dont have too many new pictures to show, but here are two from random times when I saw something I decided I needed to take a picture of. Both times I hopped off my bike and pulled out my camera right on the side of the road.

This first one is of a draw bridge by one of the main canals near my dorm. I was totally amazed by it because I had absolutely no idea that it was a draw bridge at all until I rode up and saw it looming above me, you really cant tell when its not up. Check out everyone on their bikes and on foot, all on their daily commute home after work.

The second photo is of this random guy I saw in on the canal today. I just thought he looked really cool and wanted a picture of his boat.

Soon to come: an update about bikes, my favorite thing about this city by far.

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Rachel said...

"Doing laundry was a fun experience... but not really."

-Ruth Allanbrook